Bicycle front fork tube cutting tutorial(1)

Summary:1. The biggest problem in the installation of the new front fork is the tube cut problem. The steerer tube is too long a...
1. The biggest problem in the installation of the new front fork is the tube cut problem. The steerer tube is too long and can be worn off slowly, but if the steerer tube is too short, it will be "a misfortune and a hatred for eternity", and there will never be a way to recover it. There is basically only one chance for the front fork to cut off the tube. To miss it is to miss it. You must think twice before starting construction. But if you have mastered some basic skills and experience, this job will become very simple. We probably need some tools such as hexagonal wrench, ruler, screwdriver, headset hub, hub installation tool, pipe cutting tool, rubber hammer, file and so on.

2. The original front fork is no longer enough to play, and a higher performance suspension fork is needed. At this time, the first thing to do is to connect the wire control system, hydraulic brake system, wheel set, and stem related to the front fork. After the components are removed, the old front fork can be removed from the frame smoothly.

3. The front fork needs to install the steering wheel headset bottom block. To match the original headset, the original bottom block needs to be removed and then reinstalled on the new front fork. If you want to change to a new set of headsets, you can also use a new one. (Different headsets have various specifications, which may cause the front fork to not be installed in place)

4. It is best to use special tools to knock in the bottom stop of the steering tube headset group. Because the price of that set of tools is more expensive and the usage rate is not high, you can use a relatively large-diameter PVC tap water pipe to cover the bottom stop and knock it in. Yes, you can buy them in ordinary hardware stores. It is time to pay attention to whether the bottom stop is installed in place. Check whether there is an uneven gap between the bottom stop and the fork shoulder. As long as the bottom stop fits tightly to the fork shoulder part, it is perfectly installed.

5. The rider who replaces the old front fork of the original frame can use a ruler to measure the length of the steerer tube of the original front fork as a reference. Through data comparison, we can know how long the tube needs to be cut on the steerer tube for the newly installed front fork.