The performance of bicycle V brakes and disc brakes competes

Summary:The effect of braking:The V brake is the rim of the brake, and the disc brake is the axis of the brake. The distance fro...
The effect of braking:
The V brake is the rim of the brake, and the disc brake is the axis of the brake. The distance from the brake point to the axis is also the length of the power arm of the brake. I think I have been to junior high school. Anyone who has studied physics knows that the longer the power arm, the greater the power (leverage principle) The position of the V brake is on the side of the wheel , and the position of the disc brake is almost close to the axis, which means that the power arm of the V brake is much longer than the power arm of the disc brake, which means that when the mountain bike is driving, a person applies the same force to the brake. A car with V brakes brakes more responsively and is easier to stop than a car with disc brakes.

Brake strength:
For the wire disc and oil disc, the wire disc uses steel wire to transmit the power of the handbrake. The oil disc transmits the power of the handbrake with hydraulic oil. They work basically the same. However, since the resistance of hydraulic oil in the oil guide pipe is much smaller than the resistance of the steel wire in the wire pipe, the loss of the handbrake force of the oil disc is smaller than the loss of the wire disc. That is to say, the braking force of the oil disc is slightly stronger than that of the wire disc, but it is still lower than that of the V-brake.

The structure of the brake:
The V-brake has a simple structure, high reliability and easy maintenance. The structure of disc brakes is complex, difficult to install, difficult to debug, and difficult to maintain. Improper installation will greatly reduce the service life of the disc brakes and reduce the inherently low braking force. The reliability of disc brakes is lower than that of V-brakes (because there are many disc brake components and high precision, any problem with any component will affect the use of disc brakes). Disc brakes are difficult to repair, and non-professionals are likely to get worse and worse.