There are so many types of bicycle pedals, which one should I choose?

Summary:Each type of bicycle has its unique characteristics, and the loss of each accessory is inevitable. When choosing accesso...
Each type of bicycle has its unique characteristics, and the loss of each accessory is inevitable. When choosing accessories, we should pay attention to the overall fit, and the choice of pedals is no exception. Pay attention to its main functional side.
When it comes to pedals, it is natural to talk about the reliable and durable "Shimano". In fact, "Shimano" also launched a flat pedal for commuting. The EF-202 uses an aluminum alloy body, and the pedaling area is very large. One-piece cleats provide enough "foot grip" without scratching the user, and are available in several colors. Although it is not cheap, it is also a bit heavy, but I am sure it is not easy to break it.
There is also a Shimano t8000 self-locking pedal, which is Shimano's highest-end dual-purpose pedal. Using Shimano's high-end axle structure, it is more lightweight. The black small-area pedals have a more concise appearance, and the original comes with anti-skid nails, which can be disassembled by yourself if you are afraid of scratching.
Vigor B223 nylon pedals are superior to alloy pedals in terms of durability, more wear-resistant and less prone to deformation. And the Vigor B223 nylon footpegs have integrated nylon cleats, unlike metal cleats.
The composite structure of the Vigor C305 is very interesting. The chrome-molybdenum steel shaft wraps the polished aluminum alloy body, and the body has direct screw holes to allow the one-piece anodized aluminum frame to be installed on it, and the anti-slip acts as the outer hexagonal set screw. The cleats with the smooth head can protect the sole to the maximum extent without compromising the anti-skid effect. It also avoids the injury caused by accidental rubbing of the limbs.
GUB GC020 pedals are very thin in shape, made of all-aluminum materials, and the shaft uses a three-bearing combination of self-lubricating bearings + sealed bearings. The key is that the price of this foot brake is only about 80 yuan, the price is suitable for the public to buy, but the price of the magic color will be more expensive.
The characteristics of bicycle pedals are: smooth anti-slip teeth; thin thickness and light weight; non-clip design needs to have a toe-fixer function, the clamping system of mountain bikes and road bikes is compatible, only the shape is different, while other The brand is still different, and so is the road bike system we commonly use.