What is the difference between carbon fiber and aluminum alloy bicycle frames?

Summary:RigidityFor carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, there is a certain difference in rigidity. It's also a cliché for rigidity....
For carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, there is a certain difference in rigidity. It's also a cliché for rigidity. Many riders feel that the rigidity of carbon fiber is better than that of aluminum alloy.
In fact, this is not the case. The rigidity of the top aluminum frame is comparable to that of the top carbon fiber frame. Not even, for low-end carbon fiber. The rigidity of the top aluminum alloy frame is far better than that of the low-end carbon fiber frame, and includes domestic carbon.

Although the top carbon fiber frame, and the top aluminum frame, the difference in rigidity is not big. However, if the two are compared in terms of weight, the aluminum alloy frame is more disadvantaged.
Because for the carbon fiber frame, according to the force analysis of the frame. In parts with lower requirements for rigidity, it can be improved to use carbon cloth to accumulate, such as the top tube of the frame.
Where there is a strong demand for rigidity, reinforcement can be made to make the overall weight lighter. This is something that an aluminum alloy frame cannot do, so at present, it is slightly inferior in weight.

The comfort of the bicycle is nothing more than the most concerned issue for the riders. Due to the characteristics of metal materials, carbon fiber has a natural advantage in filtering vibration. Therefore, if it is a general aluminum alloy frame, it will inevitably be discounted in terms of comfort.
However, aluminum alloys can increase riding comfort through other accessories. For example, it can be a replacement carbon fiber bicycle seat tube, or a front fork. In this way, the shock absorption performance of the bicycle can be greatly improved.

For the two prices, generally speaking, there will be three to four times the difference. Therefore, when making a choice, you should choose according to your actual situation. Only what suits you is the best.