Mountain bike handlebar angle, bicycle brake handle adjustment method

Summary:The brake is very critical for any kind of transportation. If the brake lever is installed at an incorrect angle and the...
The brake is very critical for any kind of transportation. If the brake lever is installed at an incorrect angle and the brake cannot be used in time, then this is the fatal point.
The angle of the mountain bike handlebar, the adjustment method of the mountain bike brake handle:
Adjusting the angle of the brake lever sounds simple and trivial, but in reality, we see that many brake lever angle positions are incorrect. Today, let us show how to adjust your lever angle.
How to get the right position of the brake lever. Nowadays, hydraulic brakes have a huge braking force, so one finger should be used to control the brakes.
Step 1: Adjust the position of the brake lever
This step is very important, because it is necessary to determine the most suitable position of the brake lever. It should not be too close or too far away from the grip. In order to obtain the best lever ratio, the fingers should be placed at the end of the lever, the angle of the hand and the arm. In a straight line.
Too close: the position of the finger is difficult to achieve the best brake lever ratio, which affects the feel and control
Too far: In this case, if the finger span is too large, it is easy to release the hand when pinching the brake, and it is difficult for the fingers to control the brake, which is likely to cause safety hazards.
Correct position: the angle between the fingers and the arm is in a straight line, and the fingers are placed on the end of the brake lever
Step 2: Angle of the brake lever
The adjustment of this step determines whether the angle of your wrist is comfortable and natural when you go downhill. If it is not set properly, you may experience wrist soreness after a long time of going downhill. Therefore, the angle of the fingers and the tilt of the wrist should be the same as that of the arm. Straight line, it is best to maintain a standing or attacking posture on the bike when adjusting. On this basis, make fine adjustments. If you often ride on a flat road angle, you don't need to lean too much.
Too high: In this position, the bending angle of the wrist is too large, and the wrist is prone to soreness for a long time
Too low: excessive wrist extension and influence on brake lever ratio influence control
Step 3: Adjust the stroke of the brake lever
Adjust according to different types of brakes. Some brakes require tools to make adjustments, and some do not. Make sure that the first joint of the index finger is at the brake lever, so that the brake is within reach, to ensure safety, and the screws for adjusting the brake lever stroke are all at the head end of the brake lever.
Too close: the second joint of the index finger is too close to the brake lever