The use and skills of the front and rear brakes of mountain bikes

Summary: For every cyclist who loves to ride, owning a mountain bike is a very happy thing, because mountain bikes can better a...
For every cyclist who loves to ride, owning a mountain bike is a very happy thing, because mountain bikes can better adapt to multiple geographical environments.
Whether it's climbing or wading through the jungle or through the jungle, it can be a good way for people to blend in.
Mountain bikes are mainly suitable for cycling in mountain environments. Where there are mountains, there must be slopes. On uneven mountain roads, the correct use of brakes and maintenance of the brake pads are particularly important for the safety of people and vehicles and the maintenance of the vehicle.

Basic knowledge of brakes:
1. The brake is for speed control, not just for parking.
2. The front brake has a better braking effect.
3. The brake has the maximum braking effect when it is locked, and the braking performance is greatly reduced after locking and it is easy to lose balance.
Why do we mainly use front brakes?
The front brake will have a better braking effect. The control speed is mainly dependent on the friction between the wheels and the road. The friction is directly proportional to the pressure applied by the wheels to the road. When the front brake is used, the pressure on the front wheels and the road will increase due to inertia and the braking effect will increase. The rear brake has no such effect, and when the front brake is used, the pressure of the rear wheel on the road surface is greatly reduced, and the friction becomes very small.
1. The brake lever of the general mountain bike is a two-finger brake lever. When riding, put the index finger and middle finger on it, and it can brake immediately in case of an emergency. High-level mountain bikes are all set to the index finger single-finger brake, so that it has better control, and at the same time, it can better control the handlebars.
2. The first thing we learn is the control of braking force. Gradually become familiar with how much braking force can be achieved by applying how much force to control the braking effect and prevent locking. After you are familiar with the relationship between braking force and braking effect, you can Use the front brake with confidence.
3. You can master the front braking technique by practicing fast parking, pay attention to the change of the body's center of gravity and control it when braking.