How to adjust bicycle brakes to be better

Summary:If you want your bike's brakes to work better, how do you adjust it? 1. Please first loosen the 2 screws of the brake, ...
If you want your bike's brakes to work better, how do you adjust it?
1. Please first loosen the 2 screws of the brake, do not remove. Let go a little and let the brakes sway from side to side. Rest your left hand on the steering wheel brake, supporting the wheel. Firmly turn the wheel with your right hand, grab the brake with your left hand as you spin, and hold firmly so that you don’t let go. Use your right hand to tighten the screw you just loosened, but not too tight. Put your ear next to the brake, turn the wheel lightly, stop when you hear a rubbing sound, and find the location of the rubbing. Looking at the brake clearance from the rear, turn the wheel to the point of friction. With the left side, loosen the screw at the back, move slightly to the right, and tighten the screw. Finally turn the wheel, listen to the sound, and adjust if there is no sound.
2. Tightening method of bicycle brake cable Loosen the cable fixing screw of the brake. Set the cable fixing screw on the brake handle to the shortest position (tighten it clockwise). Tighten the cable at the position of the cable fixing screw of the brake handle, and observe whether the wire tube from the brake handle to the brake is firmly inserted. If there is no abnormality, then tighten the cable fixing screw of the brake. Use the fine-tuning screw of the brake lever to adjust the brake system to the best condition.
3. The usual way to adjust the rear brake is to loosen the tightening nut under the frame and then tighten the adjusting nut, and tighten the tightening nut when the brake cover is about 3mm away from the wheel. If the pads are too close to the rim, the adjustment will be reversed. If the fitting of the gate, short rod, rear tube and other components is loose, or the opening angle of the rear curve spring is too large and the elasticity is too small, loosen the shock absorber screw, pull up the rear tube with your left hand, and use your right hand to approach the steering wheel. If it is loose, the air pipe cannot be pulled upwards. Please tighten the nut of the tie rod joint, and pull the backlash forward, so that the backlash and the backlash move forward while pressing the backlash, and finally tighten the nut of the tie rod joint.
4. After the two brake pads are fixed, please slowly pinch the brake pads and observe the stroke of the two brake arms. (If you adjust the position of the brake pads, the travel of the original two brake arms may change.) Then, please fine-tune the tension screw and travel nut to achieve the most comfortable feel. Then, let the front and rear wheels idle separately to see if the wheel is rubbing against the brake pads, where the wheel is rubbing, and then adjust where the tension screw is. Then please put on the hat and fold the excess brake cable into the slot.