The role of bicycle handlebars

Summary:The function of the bicycle handlebar is to make more postures and body angles during riding; it is more convenient to p...
The function of the bicycle handlebar is to make more postures and body angles during riding; it is more convenient to pull the bike and exert force when climbing; it plays a certain protective role in the event of an accidental fall. The installation angle of the vice bar varies from person to person, but it is usually the angle where the bar end is forward and upward. The role of the vice handle is roughly as follows:
1. The vice handle can increase the handling of the flat handle bike. Riders whose handlebars are too low and the head tube too short can significantly improve their posture by installing a vice handlebar.
2. The auxiliary handlebar can effectively relax the tense muscles of the palm and arm by simply replacing the support handlebar position when the hand is fatigued during long-distance cycling of the bicycle, and is used to relieve the physical pressure received by the joints of the arm muscles and bones. After all, you are riding a bicycle. At that time, almost half of the weight of the body falls on the control of the car through the arms. In particular, for some riders, in order to ride long distances, the hips are not too compressed. The head of the seat cushion is generally slightly lower in the front and higher in the back. In this way, the PP burden is reduced, but the gravity on the arms is even more severe. Soreness and tiredness can be manifested right away. A flat handlebar mountain bike with only one posture is not equipped with a pair of handlebars to change the posture at this time, and you don’t have to travel too far, and your hands that bear the weight and control the handlebars will start to tremble intermittently. Powerless to move forward. Therefore, the vice handle is a necessary and practical equipment for a flat handle mountain bike.
3. The auxiliary handle effectively protects the brake handle and dial in the event of an accidental crash. The higher auxiliary handle expands the protection space of the brake handle, so that the parts of the mountain bike can be fully protected, so as not to break the high-priced and difficult-to-match original brake handle and dial every time the bike falls. This probability is very high. Since my car has been reversing many times after the auxiliary handle is installed (generally, it is super common for mountain bikes with only inclined ladder support to accidentally push and reverse the car) and no new scars have been added to the brake handle. This rookie-level brake is estimated to have lost the excuse to go off the line due to injury, new regrets and depression.
4. The auxiliary handle protects the hands of the driver holding the handlebar from accidental injury when walking through crowded roads, narrow lanes, and thorns and bushes, preventing an inevitable injury to people and vehicles.
5. The outstanding posture of the vice handle on both sides of the handlebar allows me to discover a more practical internal strength: I can hang a vegetable basket on one side for more practical transportation tasks, and I don’t have to worry about the two hot water bottles in the fully loaded vegetable basket on both sides of the handlebar, my father’s Lunch, mom's supermarket rush to buy loot and no way to transport it home. The mother who is at a loss must thank you for your help with love and admiration. Your next mountain bike upgrade plan B will not have much resistance... Of course, doing this seems to be dangerous Driving, I don't recommend you to make money with transportation everywhere... Please be sure, be sure to find the best and most reliable area on non-traffic arterial roads, branch lines, preferably open and uninhabited areas, parents protect the road and guards on both sides of the road, and the uncle of the traffic police allows you to rule. The safe time and space segment should be like this occasionally, and it should not be more than 2 times a year. No matter how bad it is, you can treat me as if I didn't pass on this side talk.
6. The vice handle is easy to adjust the posture to "rock the bike" when it is on a slope. These can often be seen on the TV screen of cycling competitions. Certain road sections can indeed provide better control, but this kind of use can only be used through actual combat experience. To experience and learn. Generally, beginners must be careful before imitating. According to Reuters, there are many oolong stories in which a master "rocks" and "rocks" on the way up the mountain until the auxiliary handle suddenly falls off the handle. It's a trivial matter, and it's no fun to shake out of the mountain road and out of the cliffs. Before rocking the car, remember to lock the auxiliary handle for good.